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Wood products

Furniture and toy modules, moulded parts, turning goods
We can offer you everything from the parts delivery over the assembly up to the packing ready for sale.

Treatment from the raw plank up to the final product

Starting from our raw wood stock with attached drying installation we are able to produce all pre-cut parts short-term and scaled.

Our programm with its wide variety of larger and smaller parts allows us an optimum utilisation of the raw wood and an extensive minimisation of the wood waste.

The processing is carried out according to the requirements on planing machine, on turning and milling machines for series productions respectively on turning lathes and milling machines for single-part production and small quantities.

Up to a length of 1000 mm we give the lumbers the chamfers, curves, forms and outlines which you define.

For the fitting of drillings, slots, cutouts and millings we use CNC-milling machines and diverse drilling machines.

At the end the lumbers can be varnished by us or treated with ecological waxes and oils. As technology we have available an automatic cycle spray plant, diverse submerge basins and several varnishing barrels.

.If requested we are imprinting your wood parts with logos, characters, etc. in branding iron respectively screen printing technique

  Moulded parts
  Turning parts
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